Ultimate Guide to Persuasive Sales Letter Writing

How to automate your sales presentation with a persuasive sales letter

So you free up time to focus on helping your clients and growing your business

This guide will show you the framework that I’ve been using for the last few years for assembling sales letters that automate the “selling process” for coaches, consultants and e-course creators.

These letters have generated just over $300K in revenue in the last 12 months (at this point in writing). The topics are as follows:

  • Health, fitness and weight loss niche
  • Business coaching niche
  • My dance coaching business
  • Writing niche

As you can see, it works in a variety of different fields.

Before proceeding, here are the..

The 4 conditions to meet for using this framework

These conditions are like the essential material you need for assembling your highly persuasive sales letter. If you don’t have these components, then the letter will be wimpy and easily ignored.

These are the conditions:

Condition 1: You must have something GOOD to offer

“Good” is quite subjective, so here’s a benchmark: your service must be good enough that you’ll be comfortable giving (at least) a 100%, 30 days money back guarantee on it.

If you’re not comfortable with this, then you need to either find more trustworthy clients to work with, or improve on your product or service.

Condition 2: You must have gotten previous clients tangible results

This means that you should have a track record of getting your clients tangible and reference-able results. This is referring to results like:

  • Lose 16lbs in 90 days — for a weight-loss coaching product or service
  • Get 4 clients by the second month — for a start-your-own-business coaching product or service
  • Completed the 250k word manuscript — for a write-your-own-book coaching product or service
  • Landed the $75k year position — for a employment-coaching coaching product or service


In other words, your “stuff” needs to be backed up with concrete results.

If you haven’t worked with clients up to this point yet, then go and get some results for people!

If you HAVE worked with clients, but the results you’ve gotten them has been things like:

  • started feeling better
  • became more clear about my service offering
  • started writing faster
  • gotten more response for companies


…then you need to quantify these results to become “concrete”.

How much better?
How clear is clear?
How many more words per minute?
How many percent increase?


Condition 3: You must know your target clients

You need to have a list of the top 10-20 questions they ask on the topic.

You need to know what “title” they resonate with.

You need to have an archive of at least 10 big problems they run into

You need to have an archive of at least 50 quotes where they’ve verbalized their frustrations.

You need to know the 1 tangible outcome that they’re trying to achieve

You need to know the objections they have for why they can’t get the outcome

You need to know what other offers they’re being hit with by your “competition”.

You need to know their worst nightmares related to the topic

Also, you need to know their most-desired fantasies related to the topic.

This info is the “raw material” that you’re going to be constructing your persuasion communication with.

If you don’t have these things, then do your research and find out!


Condition 4: Must have your client’s best interest in mind

Focus on helping your clients, and again.. don’t sell junk!


The AMOC sales letter framework that automatically sells your coaching products or services

The framework (structure) is divided into 4 sections — to be presented in this order.

1. Attention to problem: Show understanding of the exact problem at hand

2. Magnify problem: Validate and elaborate on problem to initiate motivation

3. Offer solution: Introduce the solution to the problem

4. Call to action: Encourage next step for solving the problem


Let’s take a look at simple sales letter that follows this framework.



This letter was written for a weight loss meal plan and accountability program that my good friend Kenny created.

Kenny — my good buddy since childhood — is a personal trainer in person.

Kenny and the wife in Vegas

He offers a training package that’s specially designed for helping women in their mid-20’s ~ mid 30’s lose 20 pounds of body fat in 2 months time.

He has a small YouTube channel where he would talk about weight-loss related topics. He would link this sales page in the description of the video so people that are interested in learning more could click through to check out his program.

Because he’s known to produce results, he’s always overbooked with clients. For the people that would e-mail, or call in trying to sign up when there’s no availability, he would send them over to this sales page.

Here’s the sales letter that I wrote for him in about 2 hours. Read through it first, afterwards, we will go in to dissect and discuss each element. And then at the end, I’ll give you the step-by-step directions for assembling your own sales letter.


3 Things to note:

1. This is a simplistic letter I’m using to illustrate how the AMOC framework works. A highly persuasive letter is almost always longer in length.

2. This sales letter’s focus is placed on the digital product — we’ll discuss how to swap this out so you can offer a coaching service instead

3. The letter has since been turned into a video of him reading the script — a video sales letter

Access the letter and read through it by clicking on the link:

Click here

Let’s now look at how this sales letter fits into the AMOC framework (structure)

1. Attention to problem

This part of the letter starts off by addressing the problem of the target clients “trying” but not seeing “results”. It also makes a clear-cut bottom-line promise up-front. This ensures that it catches the attention of the target clients.

It points out the demographic of women this product was created for. It also overtly disqualifies people that are NOT the target client.

The section ends with a transition that also served as a “cliff-hanger” for the next section which entices the target clients to keep reading.

2. Magnify problem

This section uses one of the most effective copywriting techniques: quote the “frustration verbal spillage” of target clients.

Quoting the relate-able inner-dialog the target clients have within themselves while suffering from the problem at hand, allows Kenny to show even DEEPER understanding of the problems. Also, this creates motivation for them to want to seek out the solution NOW — as opposed to put it off for later.

3. Offer solution: Introduce the solution to the problem




After establishing clear-cut understanding of the problem, the target client is now ready to hear about the solution.

This section starts off by stating the REASON for creating this solution — this serve as a smooth transition from “Magnify problem” to introducing the solution.

The solution being offered is an alternative of an in-person, proven program. This yields credibility and believability.

Rather than saying “this product I’ve created is SUPPOSED to do XYZ”,

Kenny gets to say “I’ve used ABC techniques to help others like you get this XYZ desired result — here are the ABC techniques”

Every feature of the product answers to a problem that the target client is experiencing.

It promises to answer to the secondary-problems and questions — these are the common objections target clients have for why they “can’t” succeed.

This section is concluded with the bottom line benefits once-again to remind the target clients what they’ll gain from reading on — and purchasing

4. Call to action



This last section builds the momentum for target clients to confidently arrive at the purchasing decision. It first provides PROOF of results with the before-after photos. It continues by taking away risk of purchasing and justifying the cost of the program. This puts the purchasing decision into a perspective where it’s silly not to at least “give it a try”.

The sales letter ends off with an inspiring and motivating call-to-action. Kenny reminds the target clients some of the dream-scenarios they would like to experience and challenges them to make these dreams a reality.

By following this structure, the letter sells in a way that is non-gimmicky and non-off-putting. All this allows Kenny to automatically sell his product day-and-night to people all over the world.

One-time-work for long-term benefits.

Ready to do the same?

Here are the..

Action steps for using the AMOC framework to assemble your own sales letter

CAUTION! Before venturing ahead..

1. Have something good to offer
2. Gotten tangible results for clients
3. Understand your target clients on a deep-down-n’-personal level
4. Have the clients’ best interest in mind

— then I would definitely advise you to save this guide for later. This is because if you DON’T have the conditions met yet (especially condition 3), then it would be impossible for you to follow the steps I’m about to describe.

I advise you to have a piece of paper sitting beside your keyboard with the top 5-10 benefits you’re target client wants. Also, you want to list out the top 5-10 problems they’re looking to resolve.

From here on out, reference everything you write to this piece of paper. Every sentence needs to somehow be related to the solving of these problems or the achieving of these benefits. If it doesn’t somehow relate to these things, you want to scrap it.

Constantly, periodically ask yourself:

What’s in it for them?

That said, let’s get started:

STEP 1. Create your “devices”

“Devices” are the smaller components that you use to fill up the AMOC framework with. Think AMOC as the metal framework for the car, and the devices as the individual components inside the car.

The metal framework hosts the components while the components is what actually makes the car WORK.

Refer to your client research data and your experience working with these clients when assembling these devices. This first step is where you’ll be spending the majority of your time.


Attention to problem


This is the advertisement for your sales letter. An entire book could be written on this topic, but here’s a solid headline-writing formula you for you to use:

Bottom-line desired benefit + Answer primary client objection + Deadline of achieving result


How to landing your dream job in the next 12 weeks (even if you don’t have the “proper” credentials)

20lbs in 8 weeks – No excuses, Only results

(Note: this headline doesn’t have a context, and would only make sense on a weight-loss related website)



The subhead “dimensionalizes” the headline to clarify potential confusions or objections from the audience after reading the headline. It communicates the secondary benefits and re-enforces the primary benefit


Step-by-step to identifying the personally-fulfilling, well compensated position.. making your resume stand out from noise.. compelling the hiring manager to get in touch with you.. becoming fully prepared to answer the toughest interview questions.. Acing the interview and landing the position

Helping women 28-36 lose 20 pounds of body fat in 8 weeks in a healthy natural way


Who it’s for and not for

This device dictates the people that should be reading on, and the people that should not. The more specific you can profile the people that serve, the more trust you build with the reader. Avoid falling into the trap of “But my thing helps everyone!” — identify the ideal, target client and talk to that one person.


Before continuing, let me clarify who this is for, and who this is NOT for..

If you’re looking to break into the tech-related field — where the technical skill IS the job — then this probably isn’t for you.

However, if you know you have your eyes on a position that’s not open to the public; a position that requires creative skills or managerial skills — then this is for you.

Before continuing, let me clarify who this is for, and who this is NOT for..

If you’re already working out 3 days — or more — per week, if you’re already tracking your macro and micro, if you’re looking for that motivation and accountability to lose that final 5 lbs so you can achieve your dream body — then this is not for you.

If you’re someone who’s a chronic yo-yo dieter, and are in total confusion about what to eat, and what NOT to eat for losing weight, then this is for you.


Hook / Grabber / Presell

Hook, grabber and pre-sell elements are used to create intrigue. It pulls the target clients in compels them to want to know the whole story. This is typically the transition into the “story” or the “problem quotes”.


When I work with people that are looking for their dream job, they all seem to run into the same set of irrational “challenges”..

I’ve helped many women achieve their weight-loss goals with this system. If you were referred here by your friends, then you’ve already seen the results for yourself..


Magnify Problem


Stories are used to achieve many persuasion-goals simultaneously. You get to use it to show that you truly UNDERSTAND the problem at hand; demonstrate proof of results; remind your audience of their frustrations and engage them into reading on.

These are 2 types of stories to use:

Story type 1: Story of you experiencing the same problem in the past

Back in winter 2011, I was totally miserable at my job as a shipping manager. I would wake up at about 6:30am everyday to shoot off 3-4 resumes before my morning commute to work.. I did this for 3 months straight! I couldn’t figure out why nobody was responding to my applications..

Story type 2: Story of a past client of yours experiencing the problems

Sandra — mom of 2 from Burnaby started working with me last spring. She was having trouble with ABC… and she kept on running into XYZ problems.


Problem quotes

What exact words and sentences are your target clients saying when describing their problems? Quote them verbatim and use it to remind your target clients of the problems.


Here are some of the things I hear all the time when working with clients:

“When I don’t see results quickly enough, I run back to food for comfort — and then I gain even more weight back.. What can you suggest I do… without killing me?”

I remember finding myself asking these things:

“This is SO unfair.. why would they hire these less qualified, less experienced guys over me? Just cause they’ll take a lesser wage? Don’t they know they get what they pay for?”


Offer Solution

Offer insight on solving problem / Myth Bust

Offer insight and pin-poin your target clients’ false beliefs to establish your expertise in the subject. This is used to imply to your clients: there’s an alternative way! You will deliver the IMPLEMENTATION of these new insights in your service.


….They butt their head against the wall constantly because they’re focusing the “conventional” route to finding a new job — do some surface-level research, and fire off the resume! Rinse and repeat — you already know.. if you do what everyone else is doing, then you’re going to get the result everyone else is getting..

Here are the weight loss myths most people buy into..

MYTH #1: Carbs make you fat
FACT: Eating too many calories make you fat

The truth is, you can eat chocolate cake and still lose weight if you’re eating less calories..



What it is, what it’s not, position against others

This device communicates: This is NOT what you’ve tried using and failed to get result with, but rather, something new. It addresses the REAL issue.
It’s used to POSITION yourself against your “competitors”, so you’re seen as the only option.


This is not another “how to write a great resume” guides that give you advice like “Make sure your spacing is at 1.5 — so it’s easy to read”. Instead it’s a program that shows you ABC..

This is not another one of those programs where they TELL you the importance of being “consistent”, and staying motivated

Instead, I will personally hold you accountable with weekly accountability calls and XYZ..


Service description/Bullets/product demonstration

This is where you explain how your service works. This device can NOT overshadow the previous devices. When explaining your service, you need to explain how each feature is relevant to the solving of your target client’s problems.


..When you first get started, you will get your own copy of the clean eating meal guide. This is the index of the top fat burning foods that are appetizing AND easy to prepare.

..I will show you the LinkedIn networking strategy for connecting with head-hunters that are looking for people like you — this allows you to gain access to job opportunities that are not open to the general public.


F.A.Q. / Answer objections

Frequently asked questions is used to handle “objections” against signing up.

You want to list out the reasons your target clients have for NOT purchasing, and rephrase them in a question form. Provide answer to these questions to handle the objections. Refer back to your target client research to discover these objections.


Q: I’ve tried other meal plans before, they’ve been quite unrealistic.. how is this going to be different?
A: The Beat Body Training meal plan focuses on making small, incremental — but effective changes. This gets you result without making you feel deprived

Q: I don’t really have an existing network to tap into, would I still be able to find these hidden job opportunities?
A: This program is specifically designed for dream-job seekers that are starting from SCRATCH — you don’t need an existing network to succeed


Call to action:

Price and justification

Reveal the price and justify to show why it’s a no-brainer decision for your target client to purchase. This is done through comparing it with another product or service that provides similar results — but is much more expensive. Another way is putting the price side-by-side with the bottom-line benefits the target client will receive — and show how it’s a negligible price to pay.


The price for my 32 hour In person coaching is $ 1176. You already know that this is an UNBEATABLE deal in comparison to other private coaches. You’ll be lucky to be coached for $60/hour!

Plus, most of these coaches are unproven and have no track record of results.

The BBT Meal Plan is not going to cost you half of the standard $1176 price tag. It’s not even going to cost you a quarter of that. It’s not even an 8th at $147.

The entire BBT Meal Plan Program is yours for only $74. That is 1/16th the cost of my 1-on-1 coaching.

Best of all: through using this system, you get to..
AVOID the cost of expensive gym memberships


Risk reversal / Guarantee

Risk reversal and guarantees is used to eliminate the big objection of “Everything looks good… but what if I made the purchase and realized I’ve made a mistake??”

My advice for you is “guarantee big and screen heavily”. This means you create an undeniable case that shows your target clients that they CAN’T make a mistake in their decision to purchase. And then, only sign-up the clients that are MOST likely to follow through and see results.


I offer a 110%, 60 day money back guarantee.

If you realize that the program is not for you, or you don’t like it for any reason, just shoot me an e-mail within 60 days and I will personally give you a full refund. plus an extra 10% for wasting your time.
No hard feelings, no sweat.. All the risk is on me.

If within the first 30 days of getting started with me, you don’t schedule at least 2 interviews with companies that you’re thrilled to work with — then you have the option to be fully reimbursed, and we can part way as friends.



Consider bonuses as the “last push” that gets your target clients to say to themselves “Okay, yeah, I’ll be silly not to take up on this.”

I always advise my clients to have at least 1 bonus to be added into their offer.

Here’s a caution: The bonus needs to be related to your target client’s needs. If it’s not directly related, then you either have to explain how it IS related, or swap that bonus out for something else. If you include a bonus that’s unrelated, you’ll distract your target clients rather than support them i making the purchase. A valuable-enough bonus should be perceived to be as valuable as the main offer — if not MORE.

3 basic types of bonuses for your offer:

– Group-call opportunity for answering more advanced, but frequently asked questions
– Additional pre-recorded material that addresses more advanced, frequently asked questions
– Complementary material that speeds up the “benefit-getting” process


You’ll also receive my Dream Job FAQ bonus..

This is a 2 hour group FAQ call I had with 12 of my clients. I answer 20 advanced, but most popular questions on landing your dream job.
I go into detail on answering questions like..

– How exactly do you answer the job interview question “what are your weaknesses?” without sounding like you’re bsing

– What if my dream job absolutely requires a skill-set that I just don’t have — and cannot acquire in a reasonable amount of time? How do I go about that?

And much more..

As a bonus, you get The 3 Day BBT Body Toner

This is a 3 day body-weight, home workout program that’s designed to help you accelerate the fat-loss process.

It’s a 9-part video instructions that’s going to help you see results more quickly.


Testimonials / Proof / Credibility / Case study of results

Out of all the devices I’ve listed, this one is the MOST important of all. Use proof, testimonials and case studies of results to SHOW that your service works.

Caution: ONLY use proof that is relevant to your target clients. If the testimonial used is of someone who is NOT your target clients, then the testimonial will backfire. The target clients will think “Oh, this is probably not for me then..”

The focus of the testimonials is NOT placed on YOU; it’s not about how great and wonderful of a person you are. Rather, the focus of the testimonial is placed on the relate-able problems, and the desired results of the target clients.

Think of testimonials as a written form “before and after picture”. Ideally, you want to have your past clients describe the problems they were facing before working with you, then have them describe the end results they received.

The best way to get these testimonials, is by giving your previous, successful clients a sample testimonial for them to reference to when asking for their testimonial.


“.. Before working with Bry, I was working as a supervisor at a customer support office — I’ve plateaued at the position since years back and desperately needed a change. I wanted to do something that would energize me, instead of something that made me feel like a 30-some-year-old babysitter. I was exhausted, and I felt like I was just “going through the motions” every day.

I didn’t quite know what I was looking for at the time, but I knew I was “looking”.

After signing up with Bry and joining his Dream Job coaching program, in just the first 3 weeks, I was able to identify 2 positions that excited me — I took the people that worked in these positions out for coffee, and I realized that their work is exactly what I want to do..

Within 2 months, I was able to identify the top 4 companies in my city that offered these positions,

I quit my old position and landed myself my dream job with my top-choice company in month 3..

Without Bry’s guidance, I would’ve never been able to identify the steps to get to where I am now, let alone have the confidence to leave my previous job..”

— Joe S.


Scarcity / Urgency

Scarcity needs to be used carefully. It’s a device that non-savvy marketers abuse and this usually just pisses people off. However, if used properly, this device is one of the MOST effective devices for boosting sales.

The correct way to using scarcity is providing “proof of the validity” of the scarcity and giving a hard-deadline for claiming the offer.


I have a 6-client-max capacity for my coaching. Once the seats are full, I can’t take on more clients until the end of the 6 month coaching period.

**currently 2 seats left — Updated October 23rd**


End off aspiration note / Close

This device wraps-up all the important points and signs the sales letter off. I like to paint a final picture of a desired outcome for the target audience and show them how “it’s within reach”.


Last important thing before we move forward: By starting with the BBT Meal Plan Program, WE BECOME A TEAM.

I want you to win. I’m in your corner – I want YOU to win.

….I’ve seen so many clients succeed, get the compliments and acknowledgment they want. Plus, I’ve seen them experience the gratification of being able prove their friends and family wrong – with the before and after photos. And I cant wait for you to experience all these things for yourself.



This is the literal words that give the exact steps your target audience needs to take RIGHT NOW. Describe the process in a way so there’s no ambiguity.


Click on the “get started” link below — you’ll be taken to a checkout page. Fill out and submit the registration information. Once the registration is submitted, you will receive a welcome e-mail within 2 minutes. Watch the short video that’s included, and then proceed to schedule your very-first coaching call with me by clicking on the “schedule-a-call” link at the bottom of the e-mail.

So let’s get started right now, looking forward to our first call.



Many people read the headline and the P.S. of a sales letter first — because they’re “skimmers”. P.S. is used as a secondary headline that allows these “skimmers” to slow down, rewind, and read through your entire letter. Rephrase your headline and demonstrate the bottom line benefits the target audience is looking for in your P.S. Also, you can mention your “guarantee” to pique curiosity.


P.S. to summarize everything..


STEP 2. Organize and assemble

Once you’ve created all the necessary devices, it’s time to organize it and assemble them together. Specifically, this step is about sequencing these components together in a way that makes the message flow.

This process is organic and requires some tinkering and “playing around”.

Here are the 2 actions to take for organizing these devices:

a) Read each one of your devices in the current order from top to bottom. Put yourself into your target customer’s shoes and see where there’s a “disconnect” in the message. See how you can relocate the devices that are causing the disconnect — or remove them completely.

b) Once you have reorganized the devices in a way that makes the message “flow”, you want to link the devices together with “connecting words”.

“To answer to these questions, I created the…”

“Here are the details…”

“This raises an obvious question…”

“Now you know the big mistakes most job seekers run into, here’s what you can do instead..”

Note: These “connecting words” are not always required. Since you’ve created your devices in the order of the AMOC framework, most of the devices should flow into the next seamlessly as it is.

STEP 3. Trim, read-through, refine

This last step is for polishing your letter so the message is crisp and clear.

Here are some actions to take for doing this:

a) Read your letter out-loud — this will reveal hard-to-read sections of your letter. Refine accordingly

b) Get a friend to read it to you and notice where they “trip-up”.  Refine accordingly

c) Edit for FLOW and READING (not grammar), break up text, and trim out all unnecessary words

d) Skim through to identify places where you mention the bottom line benefit — turn these into additional subheads


Final step

After completing all the above steps, it’s time to publish.. right?

Not yet! here’s one last step:

Sleep on your letter.

This step is crucial!

Since you’ve been so “close” working on the letter, it’s going to be hard for you to gain perspective at this point. This means there may be some glaring errors that you’re incapable of detecting.

Sleep on it, and come back, read through your letter again.

If all looks good the next day, then go ahead and publish your letter.



By going through these steps, you would’ve created an automated sales system for yourself. You can put it to work day and night for you and benefit from it for years to come.

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